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Morrisons has applied for permission to build a garden centre at its Lake store — even though it has already been built.

After the works were completed last month, the supermarket chain has submitted a retrospective planning application.

Brie Foster, senior planner at Peacock and Smith, said a review showed there was only one similar garden centre in the area — Dalverton Garden Centre in Sandown.

Ms Foster said:

“Given the small scale of the proposed garden centre and its ancillary nature, it is considered any trade drawn would be insignificant (if any).”

She said that the plans would encourage retail growth and create more jobs.

However the parish council has objected to the plans, and recommended them for refusal.

Clerk to Lake Parish Council, Michael Taplin, said:

“This application was considered by Lake Parish Council at its meeting held on May 8. The council resolved to recommend refusal.

“The proposed garden centre is in two areas each side of a traffic lane, which will cause road safety problems.

“It also requires the removal of several car parking spaces and there is already inadequate parking available at the store due to the recent rebuild.”

Island Roads has raised no concerns over the site, and said it would make minimal impact  to the highways.

You have until 3 June to comment on the plans.

Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter.