Could your four-legged friend help a ‘landmark’ study? Dogs Trust is seeking Isle of Wight pooches.

The UK’s largest dog welfare charity is looking for Isle of Wight puppy owners to take part in what it is describing as a ‘once in a lifetime’ study – Generation Pup.

The study will track puppies through adulthood to learn how their early experiences and environment affect the development of health and behaviour issues in later years.

Participants will also be able to keep a record of their dog’s journey.

It will explore things like why some dogs react to fireworks and some don’t, and why some dogs respond more strongly to being separated from their owners than others.

Dr Rachel Casey, Dogs Trust Director of Canine Behaviour and Research said:

“Generation Pup is the first study of this nature and breadth, enabling us to gain multiple new insights and understanding about our canine companions. We are tracking each puppy’s early experiences – from the age they joined the family and their first encounters, such as travelling in a car and meeting other dogs, to how they respond to new things they come across, what they eat, how far they walk, and potentially even whether characteristics such as being left or right ‘pawed’ influence behaviour.

We are looking at a whole range of different health and behavioural conditions as puppies grow into adulthood right through to old age – and by collecting lots of information about each pup’s early experiences, we can understand to what extent these influence what happens later in life. Generation Pup includes all breeds of puppies from anywhere in the UK and ROI: our only requirement is that they’re registered on the project before they are 16 weeks old.”

Find more on how you can sign up here.