There has been a flurry of gold as Isle of Wight business strive to go green.

More than 20 of the 61 businesses who have committed to Visit Isle of Wight’s new Green Star scheme have reached gold standard.

To do so they had to meet 85% of the criteria that relate to promoting the use of sustainable transport.

That includes inspiring guests with information on how to travel to and around the Isle of Wight sustainably, offering dedicated walking and cycling facilities and providing an electric vehicle charging point.

Paul McCathie from Goodleaf Tree Climbing explained that some small changes helped them get gold:

“We made a couple of little tweeks and then bingo, we were in there, it was great! It was very helpful to get that support from Visit Isle of Wight too.”

Rossanne Burfoot from the marketing team at Isle of Wight Pearl said:

“The Isle of Wight Pearl has always been a supporter of all things green, of all things eco. The sustainable travel option for us has always been walking and cycling but actually promoting the fact that people can be involved with us using the bus network is helpful. Southern Vectis support us through the peak season with Coaster bus, but all year round we like to help out by telling people where they can get from the bus stop in Brighstone village.”

Dan Bray from Lyon Court in Shanklin, says getting gold doesn’t have to be expensive either:

“The Green Star scheme is free to join and doesn’t require expensive resources. We don’t have to pay to go on familiarisation trips and a lot of the information we need to provide is online and available from Visit Isle of Wight.”

Tim Anderson, the skipper and owner of Coral Star, from Anderson Cruises in Yarmouth said:

“I think it is important for everyone, because if we don’t do something about it then we’re going to have terrible problems in the future, so if everyone can do little bit it’s going to change the world.”

Business that have reached gold include:

  1. Glamping the Wight Way
  2. Foxhills of Shanklin
  3. Island Riding Centre
  4. Westbury Lodge
  5. Lyon Court
  6. The Bay Boutique B&B
  7. The Miclaren
  8. Isle of Wight Pearl
  9. Sentry Mead
  10. The Leconfield
  11. The Caledon
  12. Grange Farm Holidays
  13. Firefly House
  14. Goodleaf Tree Climbing
  15. The Pilot Boat Inn
  16. Old Shanklin Guest House
  17. Grange Bank House
  18. Ninham country Holidays
  19. Haven Hall
  20. Monkey Haven
  21. Nettlecombe Farm
  22. Anderson Boat Cruises (Coral Star)
  23. The Corner House
  24. The Clifton