Image: Isle of Wight Council

Of 41,551 votes cast in the European Election on the Isle of Wight on Thursday, the Brexit Party has won 19,392, representing 46.7% of the vote.

According to the Isle of Wight Council, the Green Party finished second with 6,855 (16.5%). That represents an increase of just over six per cent on the party’s 2014 share and is its best share in the last four EU elections.

The Liberal Democrats are third, with 6,557 votes (15.8%). It triples their 2014 performance and beats their share in the last four European elections.

The Conservatives and Unionist Party, who finished second in 2014 and first in the two elections before that, are fourth. They won 3,577 votes. Their share of 8.6% represents a fall of just under 18%, compared to 2014.

Labour has won 2,481 votes (6%). In 2014 the party won 10.4% of the vote.

UKIP support plummeted on the Isle of Wight. Winning 1,292 votes (3.1%), the party has fallen from top of the polls in 2014, when it took at share of just over 40%.

Change UK won 1,107 votes (2.7%) while others took the remaining (0.7%).

As Isle of Wight Radio reported earlier, turnout was up regionally and on the Island, according to the provisional results.

The Island’s results will now be added to the regional count. Across the South East, 10 MEPs are elected in a proportional representation-style election. That result (which we are awaiting) will reveal who will represent the South East in Brussels.

Here are the full results:

More follows…