Island Roads says it will ask to move a traffic sign it recently reinstalled directly behind an overhanging palm tree – making it almost impossible to see.

The sign, situated on Ryde Seafront, directs drivers to the Hovertravel terminal and the Long Stay car park.

The sign in 2009.

It had its posts replaced last week, alongside the adjacent sign which faces the opposite way.

Island Roads says it noticed that the palm tree’s overhanging leaves were blocking its view after it put in the new poles.

The sign in 2015.

A spokesperson said:

“This is not a new sign but… the rapid growth of the nearby palm – which was not planted by Island Roads – has caused it to become partially obscured.

“Rather than prune what is an attractive palm in a very public location, we will ask permission from the Isle of Wight Council to move the sign to a new position.

“That way, approaching motorists will be able to view the information and the visual amenity of the Esplanade will also be protected.”