Some Carisbrooke College students have had to go home and change – or remain isolated from their friends – after a number of them wore the “incorrect” clothing to class today (Monday).

Around 35 pupils have been flagged up, in a clampdown on the school’s uniform policy.

Issues with clothing included skirts being too short or pupils wearing leggings.

Parents have told Isle of Wight Radio that pupils were forced to go home and not ‘come back until they have new uniform’.

However, Executive Headteacher Matthew Parr-Burman says that this is “absolutely not” the case.

“This morning we picked up 35 students not in the correct uniform – out or 400 and something pupils.

“Mostly the issues were things like short skirts… All those students have been been pulled to one side and are not mixing with their friends.

“We have contacted all parents and in a few situations the parents have said they can come home and put on the right clothes. 

“Some students have gone home to put on the correct uniform.”

Mr Parr-Burman says that the school’s current uniform rules have not changed for years – and staff are “just making sure pupils stick to them.”