Ryde Carnival
Credit - Ryde Carnival

Carnival season is upon us for 2019 – here is your definitive guide to the island’s celebrations across the summer!

If it’s not the sound of the marching band, then perhaps it’s the vibrant colours or elaborate routines that catch your eye. This summer sees over fifteen carnival processions in towns across the island in more than eight towns.

We’ve got the full list for your town, as well as a full list for the island below!



Newport has two processions booked in for this year, including the main carnival and the illuminated carnival following later in the year.

  • Newport Main Carnival – 25th July.
  • Newport Illuminated Carnival – 22nd August.


Sandown is playing host to three processions this year, with a children’s carnival thrown into the mix for good measure!

  • Sandown Children’s Carnival – 26th July.
  • Sandown Main Carnival – 27th July.
  • Sandown Illuminated Carnival – 28th August.


The West Wight’s carnival seasons kicks off in Freshwater this year.

  • Freshwater Carnival – 3rd August.


Shanklin has three processions this year, with an illuminated, children’s, and main procession taking place. 

  • Shanklin Children’s Carnival – 6th August.
  • Shanklin Main Carnival – 7th August.
  • Shanklin Illuminated Carnival – 10th August.


Three carnival processions await Ventnor this summer, will you be there?

  • Ventnor Children’s Carnival – 14th August.
  • Ventnor Main Carnival – 14th August.
  • Ventnor Illuminated Carnival – 17th August.
carnival photo
Credit – Ryde Carnival


Back in the west wight, Yarmouth will be hosting a Carnival Week

  • Yarmouth Carnival Week – 17th August to the 24th August.


If you’re in the Cowes area this summer, you’ve got two processions to head along to.

  • Cowes Main Carnival – 8th August.
  • Cowes Illuminated Carnival – 24th August.
Credit – Ryde Carnival


St Helens

St Helens has one procession this year around the town and is always a popular choice. 

  • St Helens Main Carnival – 26th August.



Ryde loves a good carnival, and watching the procession snake through the high street is a brilliant experience. 

  • Ryde Children’s Carnival – 28th August.
  • Ryde Main Carnival – 29th August.