With only a number of weeks to go until the end of term, pupils at Carisbrooke College have been enjoying their brand-new building.

After around two years of construction, it opened in late April – with students moving in on the first day after the Easter holidays.

The three-storey building holds 612 pupils. 600 are based in the main school and 12 in the Einstein Centre – an Autistic Spectrum Resource facility.

As well as up-to-date classrooms and technology, the new-build comes equipped with three sets of Uni-sex toilets, meaning girls and boys can go into use any the school.

Matthew Parr-Burman, Executive Headteacher at Carisbrooke, says parents were initially concerned about their children having to share but any fears have now been quashed:

“It was an area that a number of students were anxious about. I think a number of parents were too – understandably so.

“It’s all working well and any of those issues that they were worried about I think it’s all going away.”

Over the summer, three of the old site’s buildings – the old science block, sports hall and technology block – will be knocked down.

By January next year, it is hoped the area will be landscaped – with a pond potentially installed.

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Einstein Centre.

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Science prep room.

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