Brading Town Youth FC has been granted accreditation by the Hampshire Football Association (FA).

The club formed its MicroStrikers section in 2018. It coaches children between four to six-years-old.

A year on from its establishment, it has now been given a ‘Tots Approved’ accreditation.

The award is said to assure parents that their children will receive great coaching in a friendly atmosphere.

Chairman Mark Powell said:

“We have been recognised by the FA as offering a quality experience of football for a number of years through their Charter Standard and we wanted to ensure that this is the case for our youngest players, as it is through to our Under 16s.

“By appointing highly qualified and experienced coaches along providing ‘mini’ equipment and creating a fun environment we have seen the MicroStrikers become a great success, almost instantly over-subscribed. 

“We are about to open our waiting list as some of the players are now graduating to our regular teams and start playing in weekly matches.”