The field off Crossways Road, East Cowes is earmarked for development

The Isle of Wight Council and London-based PSP (Isle of Wight LLP), working in partnership through I Wight Developments, are behind controversial new plans for more than 150 properties on a greenfield site earmarked for development in East Cowes.

The field off Crossways Road, East Cowes is earmarked for development

The farm field on Crossways Road is included on the local authority’s development plan.

Proposals for the site recently went on show in Whippingham and East Cowes. If you missed those consultations, you can comment online HERE.

In 2017, the site was earmarked for a low-cost supermarket and around 100 houses. However, the latest consultation has replaced the shop with many more houses, adjacent to the Hawthorns Meadows development and Queensgate Foundation Primary school.

The 2017 proposal
On the same day the Isle of Wight won UNESCO backing, East Cowes Councillor Karl Love called the plans “disgraceful”:

“How does the 152 housing proposal reconcile itself as “one of the best places in the world to explore the sustainable way people interact with their natural environment”. This proposal is far from fitting into a Biosphere with its cheapest prefabricated affordable housing construction process that our council can find. The development encroaches onto agricultural land and local people clearly state it will effect the ecology and environmental features of the locality.

“East Cowes schools are practically full with little spare capacity. Doctors appointments are two to three weeks waiting and it takes several years to recruits additional doctors. The infrastructure does not exist to cope with this scale of housing expansion…”

In its 2018 draft planning strategy, the Isle of Wight Council says it expects,

“residential development at Crossways [to have] delivered a logical extension to the town on its southern edge, by 2035.”

Isle of Wight Radio has asked the Isle of Wight Council for a comment.