We’re giving you the chance to win cash with Isle of Wight Radio and WightFibre by playing our brand new game Pounds for a Sound!

It’s been cracked!

After nearly five months, and hundreds of your attempts, Pounds for a Sound with Wightfibre has finally come to an end! The jackpot reached a staggering £3240 – and James was the one to crack it!

Thousands of entries and hundreds of guesses ranging from a roulette wheel to a boiling kettle later – there was only one right answer! Monday’s contestant James guessed correctly that the sound was peddling on an exercise bike!

Hear James win the £3240 WightFibre jackpot below!


Pounds for a Sound with WightFibre returns soon… keep listening to Isle of Wight Radio for updates!


We play weekdays at 8.05am and 4:50pm, and weekends at 10.20am – all you need to do to win is tell us what you think the mystery sound is.

When the presenter on air tells you that lines are open, text the word RADIO followed by the word SOUND to 66777, making sure to include your name but not your guess*^.

Check out the current list of incorrect answers below and hear the mystery sound for yourself below! 


Good Luck!

Incorrect guesses:

Engine starting
a car driving over gravel
a jukebox selector
a rollercoaster
anchor on a boat being released
ATM – Cash point
audience starting to applaud
Automatic Card Shuffler
ball in a roulette wheel
Bank counting machine
Bank note couting machine
bank paper money counter
BArista Coffee MAchine
barrista coffee machine
Bath Mat
Belt engine starting
Bingo ball machine
Black cab starting engine
boiling kettle
Bubble Wrap
Bus Engine
Car Ignition
Cards in the spokes of a bike
Casino Card Shuffler
Chips into a hot fryer
Clocking in clock out
Coffee Grinder
Coins in a fruit machine jackpot
concrete mixer
Connect 4 realise when counters drop
Deep fat fryer
Deer scarer – Bamboo
Dialling on old phone
Domino’s Falling
Drink being poured over Ice
Drink being sucked up through straw- last bit
Drink Dispenser
Dropping Marbles
Dusting a vetetian blind
Egg frying in a pan
Egg in to hot fat
electric cord rewinding
electric pull cord extractor fan
electric sewing machine
Electric Shower
Falling ball bearings
falling tree
Filling a watering can
filling car with petrol
Filling cup from a water cooler
Film going through a cinecamera
Firing up a BBQ
flicking the pages of a book
Flicking through a books pages
Floating Bridge chains moving off
Food in a blender
Football Rattle
Garden Shredder
gears on a bycicle
Golf balls tipping
Hail Storm
Hamster Wheel
Ice Dispenser
ice in a blender
Juice Machine
Kerplunk game
Kettle beginning to boil
Kettle coming off the boil
Lottery Ball machine
Manual sewing machine
manually operatred roller door shutter
Mechanical adding machine
Mechanical computer
mechanical pencil sharpener
Metal security roller shutter
Money counting machine
Motor Bike
Nuts in a chopping machine
office shredder
Old fashion telephone exchange
old fashioned football rattle
Old fashioned hand whisk
old film projector
old rotary telephone
one aqrmed bandit
One armed bandit/fruit machine
Opening a box – Strip thing
opening bag of crisps
pachinko machine
Pages flicking in a book
peas into a saucepan
Pedals on a push bike
Pinball Machine
Plane propeller starting
Pool balls being released
Popcorn Popping
Pouring pens into a plastic bucket
Pull back toy car
Pull of a toilet chain
Pulling a wheelie suitcase along a gravel
putting something into a deep fat fryer
Rain Maker toy
Rain on a conservatory roof
Rain Stick
Raindance group starting to dance
retractable hoover cord
Retractable Tape Measure
Riding A Skateboard
ripping the perforations on a scratch card
Roller Coaster starting
Roller decks
Roller shutter door
Rope making machine
Roulette Wheel
round of appaulse
Round of applause
running a bath
Running water from a tap
salad spinner
Scooter starting
sellotape being pulled from a tape dispenser
sewing machine
Shuffling Cards
shuffling cards by hand
Sipping threw a straw
Skate board on a pavement
Spinning coin
Spinning Top
spinning wheel of fortune
Stanley knife slicing open a cardboard box
Starter motor
Starting a lawnmower
static whilst tuning a radio
Stones being dragged from the beach
Sucking through a straw
sweet vending machine
Tap on into a plastic bucket
Tape being pulled off a box
Telephone Dial
The turnstyle
Toilet being flushed
traction engine firing up
Tractor Engine
Tube of Smarties pouring into bowl
Vintage3 Bus starting up
Waste disposal
Waste disposal machine
wheel of fortune
Wheel of fortune spinner
wind up chattering teeth
Wind up torch
window blind
Winnings from a slot machine
wood shredder

^ Texts charged at your standard network rate.

* Terms and conditions apply, see below for the full terms.

Terms and conditions:

  • All Isle of Wight Radio standard terms and conditions for competitions apply, along with additional terms and conditions as stated below. If any terms and conditions conflict, those stated below take precedent.
  • To enter ‘Pounds for a Sound’, text 66 777, starting your message with ‘RADIO SOUND‘ followed by your name ONLY. Texts are charged at your standard network rate.
  • You may also pre-register at iwradio.co.uk.
  • Lines for text entries will be announced as open and then closed by the presenter. No calls or texts are accepted outside of these times and any received will be discounted.
  • You must not attempt to give us your answer unless asked by the presenter.
  • If you are randomly selected to play, you must identify the mystery sound from the clip as played on air. Should you correctly identify the mystery sound, you will win the cash prize.
  • You have only one guess. The presenter will take your first guess only. Should this be incorrect, you will need to re-register to play again and will win nothing.
  • The correct answer to be accepted will be written on a card held by the presenter. Only this answer will be accepted with no variation.
  • If you fail to answer your phone when we call you, we will move on and call the first reserve.
  • You may be any age to enter, but those under the age of 18 require parental consent to play and to redeem the prize.
  • You must reside in the UK.
  • You may only register once per fortnight. After you have played your entry will be deleted and you will need to reregister for another chance to play.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change and amendment at any time at Isle of Wight Radio’s discretion.