“It could have been far more serious” that’s from Superintendent Sarah Jackson, Isle of Wight District Police Commander, who’s warning us about the risks surrounding chalk pits.

During the recent warm weather, there have been reports of teenagers congregating at areas such as Shide chalk pit near Newport.

Isle of Wight Police have stepped up patrols in the area as a result and following a recent accident. A young male had to be airlifted to Southampton General Hospital following a fall equivalent to four storeys into the disused pit.

Councillor Tig Outlaw, Cabinet member for Community Safety and Public Protection, said:

“Our Island has lots of beautiful spots and children and young people visiting areas like this after school during the warm weather is nothing new but I would urge them to be aware of the potential fall hazards areas like this contain”

Tig also said:

“I understand that places such as this are extremely attractive to youngsters to ‘hang’ about in, especially in the warm summer evenings at the end of term but the reality is these locations are extremely difficult for the emergency services to access due to the terrain, should an accident happen. The CSP would also like to thank the emergency and police services for their swift response in the recent incident.”

Superintendent Sarah Jackson, Isle of Wight District Police Commander, said:

“Luckily, the youngster who fell is recovering well but it could so easily have been far more serious. Regular patrols will be taking place in the area and will continue to do so over the summer holidays.

Superintendent Sarah Jackson also said:


“We are urging youngsters to stay safe around the Island’s open spaces and are highlighting the risks of congregating in these areas. We have been in contact with Newport College, Medina College and Christ the King college who have put a safety message out during their school assemblies to pupils.”