A twitter row, over a suggestion by a Labour peer that the Isle of Wight needs a fixed link, has prompted the Island’s MP to ask the former Secretary of State for Transport “What did you do for us?”.

Lord Adonis’ comments on social media (as reported by Isle of Wight Radio) apparently followed what he felt had been a frustrating trip to the Island.

A huge reaction, on Isle of Wight Radio’s Facebook and on Twitter, was sparked when the former Government Minister in charge of transport – in 2009 and 10, under Gordon Brown – asked,

“Why has a fixed link never been built to the Isle of Wight? Is it opposition on the island or poor representation of the island at Westminster? It could be done easily & would be transformational for better.” [sic]

Conservative Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely hit back. He tweeted,

“…you were Transport Secretary and a Transport Minister. What did you do for us? Despite reports requesting action, you did nothing as a Minister to improve the ferries, and you and the Labour Gov’t refused to invest in Island Line.”

Mr Seely argued that he, the Isle of Wight Council and the Conservative Government had played a part in winning extra funding for the rail link on Ryde Pier, an Island Line investment plan and investment in the Island’s road network.

And he accused Lord Adonis of ‘showing an insulting degree of ignorance”.