Image: Google

A car park at Sandown Airport will have to be removed because it was built without planning permission, the Isle of Wight Council has decided.

But the software company that put in the 19-space car park at Embassy Way says it would be “highly irresponsible” if it did not appeal the ruling.

ICRTouch had sought retrospective planning permission for its car park (built between August and November 2018), but it was refused by the Isle of Wight Council on 5 August.

The software firm had argued that it has freed-up space around its building and has prevented staff from parking in lay-bys.

The council argued the car park has resulted in an over-provision of spaces and could likely lead to the increased use of the existing ‘substandard’ junction, at Scotchells Brook Lane and the main Newport Road.

ICRTouch said it was encouraging staff to cycle to work via the nearby cycle track and to car pool where possible.

In a statement to Isle of Wight Radio, ICRTouch said:

“We all understand that we have such a desperate shortage of educated, skilled employment on the Island and many parents will know the sadness of losing their young ones to better opportunities on the mainland.

“ICRTouch is an incredibly successful software design and development company, whose entire turnover is brought onto the Island from mainland UK and Europe, and whose entire operating costs remain here. We pride ourselves in that we pay our staff a salary that is over the average for the Isle of Wight combined with a work environment that reflects a modern software development company like Google. We also financially and technically support the IW Island Games team and various local charities.

“We find it somewhat unfathomable that the IW Council would deem it necessary to restrict the career opportunities that our company has to offer to today’s youth; with that in mind we’d feel that it would be highly irresponsible of us not to appeal.”

Written by LDR Reporter David Anderson and Isle of Wight Radio’s Lucy Morgan.