Seagrove Pavilion Trust are pleased to announce that today (Thursday) they have now installed and unveiled a new AED (Defibrillator) at the pavilion in Seagrove Recreation Ground in Seaview.

This life-saving unit will be available for all groups and clubs using the pavilion as well as providing public access.

The funds to enable them to provide this defibrillator were raised by Sheran Brown a Seaview resident, who completed a sponsored walk around the Isle of Wight over the last Easter weekend, in memory of a close friend who died last year from a cardiac event.

A total of £2,615 has been raised by her friends, family, user groups and the local community. This has enabled us to purchase the unit along with training provided by the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

The amount raised has also enabled them to provide for the cost of additional training, installation and maintenance of the defibrillator at the pavilion.

Sheran has been most grateful to the Seagrove Pavilion Trust for allowing her to fundraise on their behalf and permit the installation at the pavilion for the benefit of all local residents and users.

This has enabled her to honour the memory of her friend that she lost, whilst also providing a vital piece of life-saving emergency equipment for the community.

The trust would like to thank Sheran and everyone who gave so generously towards this most valuable project.