If you are not thinking about university now, there are apprenticeship courses out there – to earn while you learn.

There are all sorts of apprenticeships available via the Government Apprenticeship website, The Isle of Wight College and the HTP Apprenticeship College.

HTP Apprenticeship College on the Isle of Wight offers courses in cross-sector management, business management, marketing apprenticeships, pharmacy apprenticeships and much more.

HTP is working with Portsmouth University, so once you have done your level 5 also known as a higher apprenticeship – it can be converted into a degree, which only takes 18 months.

Rachel Randall, principal and CEO at the HTP Apprenticeship College said:

“Don’t panic is the key thing – because if you are not thinking of going to university now, you need to be looking around at the opportunities for apprenticeships and other courses…There are all sorts of areas that people might not even think there is an apprenticeship in, but they need to think about what they enjoy, what sort of thing’s they would like to do and ring up us or the Isle of Wight College. “