Funding for Carers IW is due to expire next year, the Isle of Wight Council is, therefore, renewing its support.

Carers IW has been funded by the council to provide support for adult carers since 2014, with additional lottery funding through the Age-Friendly Island programme.

However, both lots of funding are due to end next spring, with the council ‘looking at future service delivery.’

Carers IW, which is based the Riverside Centre in Newport, said it hopes to submit a tender for the new contract.

If it is not chosen to continue providing the service, the charity said some staff could be transferred to work for the new provider.

A council spokesperson said:

“The existing carers support service has been grant funded for the past five years. The grant funding agreement which governs service delivery is due to end on 31 May, 2020, and as a result it is necessary for the council to look at future service delivery.

“We will be using the current consultation to identify what carers on the Isle of Wight want from their support services and using this to shape future provision.

“This is a valued service and we want to ensure that it continues but need also to ensure that it meets the need of the people it is commissioned to support.

“The contract opportunity for the future service will be advertised and organisations who can deliver the new service are welcome to submit a tender to do so. The tenders will be evaluated using pre-determined and advertised criteria.

“We would welcome a tender response from Carers IW if they feel that they are able to deliver the new service and wish to do so. Any bid from Carers IW will be evaluated as with any other tender response.”

Carers IW has been providing support for unpaid carers on the Island for over 30 years and said carers would continue to be supported.