Billy Taylor and the Monkey Fist Adventures team are rowing across the Atlantic Ocean with their friend with Parkinson’s Disease.

The team are in Cowes Yacht Haven, next to the Musto stand, for the last day, so people can come and say hello!

The challenge is expected to take a year, in January the group will row across two oceans, starting at Lanzarote and travel around 3,200 miles to Antigua, where they will ship the boat to Western Australia.

Around mid-April, they will continue to conquer the seas by rowing another 5,000 miles all across the Indian Ocean to Mombassa.

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It is the first time anyone in the world has ever rowed continent to continent before.

The five charities they are supporting are:

The team are working with Oxford Brookes University- to collect data before, during and after the row about Parkinson’s disease to send back to them for research.

They are hoping to raise £250,000 in total.

Billy Taylor, the boat’s skipper said:

“For me, the thought or idea that we will be out there and possibly helping the lives of 10 million people with Parkinson’s around the globe; the research that came back before leads to better drug exercise and dietary therapies, so it means an awful lot to myself and the rest of the crew… these are our friends that are coming across with us.”

Last year the team rowed the Indian Ocean with a friend with Young Onset Parkinsons Disease and after the Atlantic challenge, they plan to row the Indian Ocean with someone suffering from Combat PTSD.

Zhik in Cowes is sponsoring the team, who need £82,000 to complete the year-long challenge.

You do not have to just donate money, there are other ways to show your support via social media, or follow blogs on the online tracker.

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