Forestry England says it has removed popular bike trails in Parkhurst Forest because they are “unauthorised” and “dangerous”.

The news comes after Islanders took to social media to blast the removal of the ‘jumps’.

Some say they have been used by bike enthusiasts for a number of years and were not hurting anyone.

However, Forestry England, which runs Parkhurst Forest, says it does not have the resource to manage ‘these informal facilities’.

Gepostet von Eloise Harris am Samstag, 17. August 2019

It says that they have been ‘poorly built’ and are ‘unsustainable’ in terms of health and safety and environmental impact.

A spokesperson for Forestry England told Isle of Wight Radio that the trails pose a ‘high risk’:

“We’ve removed the unauthorised bike trails in Parkhurst Forest to protect public safety, they were dangerous to inexperienced riders who may inadvertently stray on to the course and the features are not of a type that we are prepared to accept because the consequence of novice riders getting it wrong could be serious injury – or worse.”

An event has been set-up to ‘rebuild the cycle track’.