Isle of Wight-based The Garlic Farm has found success across Europe, thanks to a boom in the garlic market and global demand.

According to figures released by the Department for International Trade, the company has secured over £20,000 worth of sales to Germany, Sweden and Denmark over the last year.

Experts say they expect the figure to grow by at least 25% over the next two years.

The most popular of the Garlic Farm’s products is its ‘Vampire Slayer Seriously Hot Sauce’, which is said to be flying off shelves in Germany and Sweden.

Christina Gotzl, Founder of North Parade in Sweden, says her firm has been importing from the Island company since 2014:

“Their condiments and relishes find a natural space in the Swedish larder, enhancing Swedish staples, with one of my best sellers being Vampire Slayer which is loved by heat seeking consumers. The Garlic Farm provide continuity, quality and great taste which is why I only ever import from small UK producers.”

The global garlic market is growing at an unprecedented rate.

According to KD Market Research, the value of garlic is expected to reach $20,216 million by the end of 2023.

Barnes Edwards, Managing Director at The Garlic Farm, said:

“In all cases, demand and our local reputation has driven our exports as we have been approached by customers directly resulting in a steady and sustainable compound growth in our export markets.

“It is great to be able to represent the UK abroad. We are very proud of what we do, and it is great to get this validated by being selected by international buyers. If we can find success overseas so can other UK food producers.”

The award-winning company recently celebrated its produce at the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival over the weekend (17-18).