A new series of books, written by Bruce Hobson is being donated to Newport Library today (Thursday).

Bruce has been writing for thirty years, with series 14 due to be donated to the Island’s children, with illustrations by Adrienne Kennaway.

The “Pourquoi” or “why” books feature African animals and are designed for pre-schoolers or anybody from 0 to 5 learning to read.

Bruce writes under the Swahili name Mwenye Hadithi, which means “storyteller”- he said:

“One thing that’s disappearing is the storyteller, the village would have one, and the children and families would listen to the storyteller by a campfire, who would tell stories about people in the village, each would be given an animal, and there would be a moral lesson for a particular person in the village, with them all knowing who it was.”

1.4 million copies have been sold so far across the world. They have been published in eight different languages, and five of those are in South African dialects.

The new series raises money for charity Tusk – which Prince William is the patron of.

The Prince personally praised Bruce when he was given a signed copy, declaring he likes the books.

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