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An app now allows us to keep tabs on the Island’s red squirrels, without being invasive, as red squirrels stress easily and can die if handled.

Wight Squirrel Project needed an app so people can report squirrel sightings instantly.

Red squirrels are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act in the UK.

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The Isle of Wight is nationally important for red squirrel conservation so we must ensure
they are thriving. Unfortunately, their habitat is not so well protected.

The world seems to rely on technology these days so having people who are experts to help out is essential to the future success of Wight Squirrel Project and the future of our squirrels.

Volunteer Ian Rennie decided to help out and quickly and expertly configured a working app which can be downloaded free from your App Store.

Just search for Epicollect5 to download their app and then add the Wight Squirrel Observations project.

Wight Squirrel project manager Helen Butler has been speaking to Isle of Wight Radio.

Helen said:

“The Isle of Wight is seen as a national stronghold for red squirrels because we are an Island… Our red squirrels are an important part of our eco-system and we must look after them…We need the general public to phone in when they see a squirrel, alive, dead, in the garden, in the woods on the road, report it in.  It helps us keep tabs on them.”


The charity will be at Wolverton Fair on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September, so you can come along and meet the team and pick up a newsletter.

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