If you would like to turn off website notifications here is our three-step guide.  Scroll down a little further if you are looking to switch off Apple or Android notifications.


Go to the Isle of Wight Radio website – On the bottom right of the webpage, you will find a bell icon.


If you hover your mouse cursor over this it will tell you if you are subscribed.


If you click on the icon it gives you the choice to unsubscribe:

Click on this and it will turn off notifications. 

If you have turned on the notifications on more than one browser such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you will need to follow these instructions for each.

Turn on Apple iPhone or IPad Notifications via the Isle of Wight Radio App

Go to Settings

2 – Click on notifications

3 – Find the Isle of Wight Radio App from your list of apps.

4 – Turn notifications from ‘allow notifications’ ON, as seen below, to OFF.