Like the sun comes up each morning, we move through life safe in the knowledge that Apple will unveil new iPhones each September.

The tech giant hosts the media at its California campus at around this time every year to announce its next range of smartphones, and 2019 event will take place in the shadow of recent security and privacy scandals.

Apple recently made changes to its Siri voice assistant following claims by an ex-worker that they regularly overheard confidential encounters – and had to address research by Google that suggested hackers have been using malicious software to harvest photos and contacts from iPhones.

The firm will be hoping for more positive headlines about its product showcase on 10 September, and Sky News has taken a look at what it appears set to announce.


Two new iPhone handsets due to be unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theatre will be pitched as MacBook-style pro models with improved facial recognition and an upgraded triple-lens camera, according to a report.

Bloomberg says the devices will replace the existing iPhone XS and XS Max, while a third smartphone will be a follow-up to the more wallet-friendly XR.

The improved facial recognition will come via a multi-angle version of the Face ID sensor, which means it will be able to recognise users while the phone is flat on a table.

The triple camera on the rear of the Pro models will include a wide-angle lens, support for higher-resolution photos, and better low-light performance and video recording.

They will also reportedly feature reverse wireless charging like the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10, allowing the phones to share power with accessories like AirPods.

The replacement for the cheaper XR, which starts at £749 compared to £999 for the XS and £1,099 for the XS Max, will double its number of back camera lenses from one to two – and share a faster processor with the Pros.

All three models are not expected to look particularly different from the existing trio: it is probably too soon for the absence of designer Jony Ive to be felt, after he announced in June that he was leaving the company.

Bigger batteries and better waterproofing are also expected and the XR replacement will come in a couple of extra funky colours, widely reported to be shades of green and purple.

However, the new iPhones do not look like being ready for 5G, meaning they will not be able to take advantage of faster network speeds already being offered in parts of the UK.

AirPods and the Apple Watch

With iPhone sales stalling this year, there is more pressure for Apple to sell big when it comes to accessories.

But as the Apple Watch got its biggest upgrade to date last year, leaks point towards nothing more than a few new casing options this time round – as well as a software update that will allow female users to track their menstrual cycle from the device for the first time.

As for AirPods, Apple only released new version earlier this year and another upgrade seems unlikely.

MacBooks and iPads

Bloomberg reports that there will be updated 11in and 12.9in iPad Pros, both with upgraded cameras and faster processors, and a fresh 16in MacBook Pro to replace the current 15in model.

These could be announced on Tuesday, but Apple has previously saved iPad announcements until October.

But the highly anticipated iPadOS – a new operating system that will further bridge the gap between the tablet and traditional laptops by making things like multitasking far easier – should be released this month.

Compatible iPads will get a new Files app for more Mac-like folder management, support for USB memory sticks, and the Safari browser will be able to display fully-fledged desktop versions of websites.

Software and services

In addition to iPadOS, Apple should also be ready to release iOS 13 in time for new devices to arrive.

The latest version of iOS, which powers iPhones, will introduce a dark mode and an abundance of new features for stock apps like Mail and Maps.

Apple may also share more details of its upcoming streaming service Apple TV+ – a Netflix rival that will feature content made by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg.

(c) Sky News 2019: 2019 iPhones: What to expect from Apple’s September event