The Isle Of Wight Liberal Democrats have selected Nick Stuart (Brighstone) as their new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

The decision comes after what the party’s described as a “comprehensive and balanced debate” then vote at a selection meeting on Saturday (7 September).

The meeting was attended by both established and new Liberal Democrat members who heard from two vetted candidates on their backgrounds and how they intend to improve life for Island residents.

After an extensive question and answer session from the floor, the vote found in favour of Nick Stuart, Island resident with 15 years with a background in UK Trade and Investment as Head of Science and Innovation.

Nick Stuart said:

“As the winner after a keenly argued selection meeting, I welcome the chance to put my approach and the Liberal Democrat party back in the forefront on the Isle of Wight.

“Europe is the major issue that divides us but there are so many things where we agree with the vast majority of the Island voters from housing to the environment, on the NHS, social care and on jobs and transport. This is highlighted with the ferries where we continue to see our hard-earned money exported overseas and unfortunately have seen no steps to a fairer approach to allow the island to sit alongside our neighbours on the south coast.

The centre-ground of British politics has been abandoned by a lurch to the left by Labour and a takeover by an absurd, incompetent Conservative leadership. As the only other major party, we welcome the views and votes of that moderate majority and look forward to seeing a little more fairness and civility in our politicians. I’d also like to see a bit more factual evidence but as a former British Civil Servant that won’t surprise anyone.”

As the new PPC, Nick has decided to resign as Chair of the Isle of Wight  Liberal Democrats as he felt that the two roles deserve the attention and approach of different people.