Left: Lacey Masterton-Davies

A girl from the Isle of Wight is now the Muay Thai British Champion for W.K.O.

In July 11-year-old Lacey Masterton-Davies from Ryde became crowned the K1 W.K.O kickboxing World Champion however she has now reached a new level.

Lacey travelled to Barnsley to earn the title.

She spoke to Isle of Wight Radio about fighting in the final and her competitor:

“She got quite tired and I had more energy…”

But what is the secret to having more energy? Lacey said after her weigh-in she celebrated by having a croissant and biscuit!


Next month, Lacey will go to Cork for a week to compete in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. If she loses her first fight she will not be able to compete in that category again.

Lacey started competing at the age of 8, training on the Island at Brotherhood and Evolution Gyms.