A Day At The Races returns to the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary this Sunday in Wroxall from 10am until 4pm.

The team says it’s as much of way to say thank you to Islanders for their support, as it is to raise money for the sanctuary – which needs over £500 000 a year.

Charity manager Derek Needham said:

“It costs us over half a million pounds a year to survive. That’s not to build
anything, that’s just to survive, so every year that’s what we have to raise and we
determined to stay free entry for as long as we can, so we have to go about
raising that money from January 1 st onwards.”

A Day At The Races will see fun with a donkey twist – including Carrot and Spoon Races and Donkey Spacehopper Races as well as a traditional Victorian funfair and market stalls.

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Two events are set to make a comeback too- the Dancing Jim competition will see a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ style panel- judge the efforts of competitors as they negotiate a course while giving directions in the unique style of Dancing Jim.

The ‘Suppertime Stakes’ will also make a return, with visitors encouraged to guess which donkey will make it back to the stables first at teatime.

This year, Island businesses and individuals are also being encouraged to ‘own’ a donkey for the day – and if their animal is first back, they will win a special prize.

As previously reported, there have been some sad losses this year…

Moses Bullrush was one of those sadly to pass away at the sanctuary last month (August)

Derek said:

“We’ve lost several of our oldest and best friends this year, and we lost our oldest
boy donkey. Bullrush, a couple of weeks ago. Such is life at a donkey sanctuary.
But we have had some new donkeys come in and they have all settled in really

In addition to the stalls and donkey mayhem, there will be live music over the day from Ricky J, Double Take and Marie Smith, and the Bloodstone Morris Dancers will also make an appearance.