A British Heart Foundation volunteer and cardiac patient is setting out to teach CPR to as many secondary school pupils and members of youth community and sports clubs as possible.

Carisbrooke College is piloting Islander Dana Edkins-Wherry’s scheme and 120 pupils have already having learned the potentially life-saving skill.

Few people survive cardiac arrest, but survival rates dramatically improve if someone performs CPR.

Dana said,

“This is ahead of proposed plans to add CPR into the school curriculum, which is due to be rolled out in 2020.

“The BHF set up a petition to make the government listen as they strongly believe the best way to ensure everyone knows CPR is to teach them in secondary school. It is already on the curriculum in Scotland.”

Carisbrooke College’s Mrs Hookey said,

“It has been a real privilege to be involved in the CPR training. The students have approached this topic with maturity and enthusiasm. [They] have commented that they feel more confident to help someone if they need too.”

Carisbrooke College’s student council also held a mufti day and raised £433 to help fund more life-saving research, training and support.

Dana says she is happy to teach all Islanders to perform. Contact her by email on [email protected]btinternet.com.