Her Majesty’s representative the Lord-Lieutenant Susie Sheldon’s been speaking exclusively to Isle of Wight Radio.

Isle of Wight Radio’s Iona Stewart-Richardson’s been reflecting on the summer (2019) alongside the first-female Lord-Lieutenant on the Isle of Wight, Susie Sheldon.

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Susie began by saying how much she loves her job – having been in the role for nearly 6 months.

“What is your favourite thing to have taken part in this summer?”

Susie said:

“Gosh, that’s really, really difficult. The most emotional thing was the Armed Forces Day service in the prison -for the veterans in custody (VICS) -that was a very emotional occasion and a very special occasion.

“With Armed Forces Day itself and a procession in Newport… it would stand out as a very special celebration and a very emotional, slightly difficult event but very special”.

“What have we got coming up [on the Isle of Wight] to look forward to?”

Susie said:

“The annual event that’s coming up is the Legal Service in mid-October, involving a parade through the streets of Newport and all the Magistrates and Judges having a service.

“Another is the Small Ships Race with people – many of whom have never sailed before, from all sorts of backgrounds…it’s just a really good event with a big party in the evening.”

“Has there been a particular individual that’s impressed you this summer?”

Susie said:

“Gosh, it’s very difficult to say because I’ve met so many impressive people -inevitably I suppose perhaps the people one’s seen most recently spring to mind.

“Hugh Griffiths who runs the Newclose Cricket Ground [charity] does an amazing job. Trying to promote the cricket ground, cricket and keep it going to its charitable aims.

“The lady’s who run the Alzheimer Cafe are very special, they won the Queen’s Award For Voluntary Service and have done a fantastic job.

“The long-term superstar is Clare Griffin from the West Wight Sports Centre, who hates publicity but who’s actually done more (not only for sports) but the community club does everything…it’s the centre of the West Wight Community and Clare’s the driving force behind it and has been for many years.

“Those are the ones that spring to mind but there’s a lot of very special people.”

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“As Her Majesty’s representative on the Isle of Wight, what will you be doing to improve the lives of Islanders?”

Susie said:

“Gosh, I have no actual power to do anything -apart from support Her Majesty. I would love to promote the Island as a place for active-outdoor activities for sport.

“As you would have gathered sport is one of my passions but I’m a great believer in sport as a source of health. If everyone had the opportunity to take exercise it would be fantastic but it’s also a great tourist attraction. 

“The Isle of Man presents itself as a great sporting venue and I think with all our possibilities: active outside holidays, sports events (the ability to run them) we could do a lot for the Island through those sorts of activities. I’d love to support that.

“Equally actually, there’s a great new project on culture for the Isle of Wight which has great potential.”

“Finally, what feedback did you receive from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they came to compete in the prestigious King’s Cup?

Susie said:

“They said they loved the event, they loved the sailing, I think their children had a very good time and they were wonderfully engaged as a family.

“Very, very positive and hopefully the event will be repeated -not necessarily every year but we very much hope they’ll come back and to persuade them to see more of the Island.”

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