Rescue teams are attempting to save a dog which has thought to have fallen over a cliff at Luccombe this afternoon (Thursday).

UK Coastguard says crews from Ventnor and Bembridge Coastguard are at the incident.

A dog has fallen over a cliff, according to a spokesperson.

Teams were called at around 3.30pm.


*A Bembridge RNLI spokesperson said:

“RNLB Alfred Albert Williams’ (Tamar All-Weather Lifeboat 16-17) was launched earlier this afternoon (4:03pm) at the request of UK (Solent Coastguard) to assist in a search for a 7-year old Doberman dog that had gone missing in the area of Luccombe/Bonchurch cliffs. Ventnor & Bembridge CRTs were already searching at it was hoped that the dog would be spotted by the crew of the ‘Alfred Albert Williams’ in the thick undergrowth so that the Coastguard team could effect a rescue.

“Having reached the area and carried out a first pass search, the Y-boat was launched from the ‘Alfred Albert Williams’ with two members of the crew onboard who then went ashore to see if they could find any sign of the dog. When it became apparent that the undegrowth was too dense to spot very much they returned to the ‘Alfred Albert Williams’.

“After two hours the search was called off and the ‘Alfred Albert Williams’ returned to Bembridge.

“Just before they got back the Ventnor CRT reported that the dog had been found and was believed to be fit & well. The ‘Alfred Albert Williams; was recovered by 6.30pm.”