A new dance competition has been launched, just a week after it was revealed that the popular Global Rock competition would not take place this academic year.

Portsmouth’s The Guildhall Trust is behind Dance Live!, which is aimed at schools in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight.

Choreographed routines will be performed to the backdrop of a giant digital screen, it has been revealed today (Tuesday).

Dance Live! is open to all children in Key Stages 2 – 5 (Junior School to College/Sixth Form) and pupils will showcase a range of skills, from dance and performance, to off-stage technical skills. They will express their creativity on screen through moving images, cartoon and computer-generated design.

Chief Executive Officer for the registered charity The Guildhall Trust, Andy Grays said,

“We have already been contacted by a large number of schools throughout the region and are delighted to announce this completely new and unique event for schools today. We are really excited to see how pupils will express themselves and utilise modern technology with dance and look forward to working with schools on how performance is changing in the modern world.”

Dance Live! will take place in Spring 2020. Register HERE for more details.  and schools are asked to formally register their interest for further details at: