British Red Cross team members by fire engine during an emergency response training at the Honda factory in Swindon.

The Isle of Wight’s British Red Cross is appealing for emergency response volunteers to join its ranks.

The team, based in Newport, assist those who have been affected by an emergency incident.

From floods and fires, to large scale emergencies, they are there to help when crisis strikes.

Glen Abbott

Just last month they were called to Ventnor after the partial collapsing of a building, as previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio.

Glen Abbott, group leader on the Island, says they were called to help families who were left “shaken”:

“I understand that one of those involved actually came here to stay on holiday so they decided to go back early. It shook them up a bit from what I heard.

“There was about ten people involved in that so its quite a big thing for the Island to have something like that happen.

“It’s a very traumatic experience to lose your home. There’s a couple of fires I’ve been to and they’ve lost everything.”

Glen is now calling on Islanders, who want to “give back” to the community, to sign up.

He said:

“We’re looking for anybody who is happy to give up their time, doesn’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night – because the majority of the time that will happen.

“But it doesn’t happen often. You’re not constantly on the go. But you are there in place at the crucial time when they need you, they will call you up and you will go out.”

If you are interested in signing up, you can click here.