Wightlink has lowered the cost to pay by cash to drive along Ryde Pier.

Last month (September), the cross-Solent operator announced it was introducing a contactless pay system at the start of Ryde Pier.

The new cost was announced as £1.30 for card payment, but £2 for cash – a 100% increase from £1.

But now, Wightlink says it has listened to customer feedback and made the price £1.30 for both.

But drivers are reminded that the machine doesn’t give change.

Wightlink Chief Executive, Keith Greenfield, said:

“Since the installation of the new barrier at Ryde Pier most customers are now paying the £1.30 toll using their contactless cards.

“Listening to feedback, Wightlink has harmonised the charge to £1.30 by both contactless card and cash. However payment by exact coins is required as the cash machine is unable to give change.”