Thanks to Parliament TV.

The Isle of Wight’s MP is calling on the Government to “support and understand” the structural and economic challenges that the Island faces.

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon (Wednesday), Bob Seely told peers of the “increased costs” that come with doing business – and providing public services – on the Island.

It is part of his campaign to get an Island Deal similar to the ones enjoyed by Scottish Islands.

Mr Seely also lamented the price of house building here, which he says is 30% higher compared to the mainland – due to importation costs of materials on ferries.

He asked for an “agreed formula” to be put in place with regards to the Island Plan. He said:

“The housing targets are unsustainable and bad for the Island. We do not have the infrastructure to support the additional homes because we are an Island, and the hospitals are full and public services are under pressure.

“We intend to present an Island Plan to the government which will have a significantly reduced figure which our landscape and population can cope with… “

The Island’s MP also urged ministers to consider a health care review, pointing at the need for a District General Hospital on the Island