A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Eastern Yar – between Whitwell and Bembridge.

Water levels in the Eastern Yar are high and rising – but the Sandown area won’t be affected, according to the Environment Agency.

Since the start of October, more than a month’s rainfall (108mm) has been recorded at Knighton.

Properties aren’t thought to be at risk thought.

The Environment Agency said:

“From 6am on Friday, water levels could be close to the top of the river bank at Alverstone Road Bridge.

“Property flooding is not expected, but pumps used to reduce water in gardens will need to operate. By 9am, the river could be higher than recorded on Sunday (13). There will be no impacts at Sandown.

“Showery conditions will continue tomorrow. Over the next 24 hours please expect water levels to be higher than normal. We continue to monitor the river.

“We will issue advice on when water levels are expected to peak tomorrow morning. Please ensure that any pumps used to protect gardens and property from flooding are operating.”

This Flood Alert is expected to be updated this morning (Friday).