Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have welcomed the first report into the disaster, saying it is "strong and fair" and right to be critical of the London Fire Brigade.

The damning report praised the bravery of individual firefighters but hit out at the LFB for its response to the blaze, particularly over its stay put strategy.

The strategy meant residents were told to stay in their flats by firefighters and 999 operators for nearly two hours after the blaze started just before 1am.

The LFB breached national guidelines by failing to adequately prepare for the west London fire in June 2017 which killed 72 people, the report concluded.

Inquiry chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick said the LFB’s preparations for an incident such as Grenfell were gravely inadequate, and the absence of a plan to evacuate the tower was a major omission.

The report concluded fewer people would have died if residents had been evacuated while it was still possible, and if serious shortcomings had not plagued the fire service’s response.

Natasha Elcock, chair of Grenfell United, a group of survivors and bereaved families, told Sky News she was happy with the findings of phase one.

She said it was correct that the leadership of the LFB came in for criticism, as she claimed the institution believes they can’t do nothing wrong.

Ms Elcock said: The report has been quite damning of the leadership of the LFB and quite rightly so and she questioned whether the head of the brigade, Dany Cotton, should still be in her job.

She said: There were issues on the night with the fire brigade, definitely not those on the ground – I was rescued by them so I am eternally grateful that those firefighters risked their life. But it’s definitely around the leadership. The higher up the chain.

It’s around the training and it’s around this institution that believes that they can’t do nothing wrong and it’s about time that changes.

The report accuses the brigade’s commissioner, Ms Cotton, of remarkable insensitivity after she said she would not have done anything differently on the night.

Ms Cotton told the inquiry that preparing for Grenfell would have been akin to preparing for landing a spaceship on the Shard.

But chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick said her evidence only serves to demonstrate that the LFB is an institution at risk of not learning the lessons of the Grenfell Tower fire.

And Ms Elcock said it was disgusting to hear first-hand those comments in the inquiry room by Ms Cotton when so many people lost their lives.

You can’t say there is nothing you wouldn’t change. There are clearly lots and lots of failings, including herself.

For me, we need to question whether she should still be in that job.

Reacting to the publication of the report, Ms Cotton said: We welcome the chairman’s recognition of the courage, commitment and bravery of firefighters on the night.

But we are disappointed at some of the criticism of individual staff members who were placed in completely unprecedented circumstances and faced the most unimaginable conditions while trying to save the lives of others.

The fire started as the result of an electrical fault in a large fridge-freezer in a fourth-floor flat but the resident of flat 16 was not to blame, the inquiry found.

A Grenfell United spokeswoman said: We are glad to read this report totally exonerates our neighbour in flat 16.

The Whirlpool fridge started the fire and our neighbour did everything he could do try to stop it and raise the alarm.

The principal reason the blaze caused such severe loss of life was the combustible aluminium composite material cladding with polyethylene cores which acted as a source of fuel, Sir Martin said.

Phase two of the inquiry will examine the circumstances and causes of the disaster.

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