Today (Tuesday) is bonfire night which has been described by experts on the Isle of Wight as “a hazardous time for hedgehogs” – we’re offered advice on reducing the risks.

  • Build your bonfire on the same day you plan to light it- so the hedgehog doesn’t have time to find it and go inside.
  • Put rabbit-proof fencing around your bonfire.
  • If you are piling up materials in advance- move them elsewhere before lighting it.
  • Light it from one side only- so the hedgehog has an escape route.
  • Double-check under the materials before lighting it!

Tracy Dove, Education and Conservation Manager at The Isle of Wight Zoo, has been speaking exclusively to Isle of Wight Radio, she said,

“Bonfire night is quite a hazardous time for hedgehogs because a hedgehog likes to look for piles of leaves or logs to go and hide away in- which is of course what a bonfire looks like.

The best thing you can do is build your bonfire on the day you plan to light it.”

As previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio, the Isle of Wight has launched a “Big Hedgehog Count” campaign-urging us to report any sightings to charity Save Our Hedgehogs Isle of Wight.

Download the form here.