The seal. Photo by Toni's Tea Room

Residents are advised to keep their distance from a seal which has washed up on Ventnor beach today (Wednesday).

The seal, which is alive, has been affectionately named ‘Grumpy’.

Isle of Wight Radio has been told that the seal is ‘well’.

The seal. Pic by @SomethingYummy_

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio, local businesswoman Toni – from Toni’s Tea Room, said:

“I want anyone who sees him to know that he is known to the experts as Grumpy.

“He has a fishing hook in his back fin which is apparently causing him no harm.

“We have been told that he has been checked over by vets and is well, but he’s quite old.

“The advice is just to leave him alone and give him space.”