Independent parliamentary candidate Karl Love says he “will not give way” after coming “under personal pressure to step down from the General Election campaign.”

He has told Isle of Wight Radio that  he will not be put down by what he calls “tactical shenanigans”.

He said the recently formed “Remain Pact”, in which Liberal Democrat Nick Stuart stood aside in a bid to maximise the vote for ‘Remain’ candidate Vix Lowthion (as reported by Isle of Wight Radio), had “let down” local Lib Dems.  

Karl Love said in a statement,  

“Having choice is so very important within democracy. The pressure started in the lead up to the Pact between the Liberal Democrat’s and the Green Party who want to limit choice and presume the right to represent our people in this election by their own concocted packs based on historic election results. 

“A lot has changed since the last election…If you vote for me it’s because you don’t want to vote for others which they want to command in their favour.  These tactical shenanigans amounts to game playing and are manipulating by funnelling votes as they desire them to be cast by limiting public choices.” 

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