Isle of Wight The Brexit Party candidate Peter Wiltshire says he is repeatedly asked for his view on an election pact with the Tories.

He told Isle of Wight Radio that he believes “there is no other way of achieving real Brexit other than voting for the Brexit party.”

Peter Wiltshire said,

“As a businessman, not a career politician I believe treating votes as a mere commodity is wrong. Your vote belongs to you, not the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the Conservatives – or even the Brexit Party!

“The Tories say the Brexit Party should stand down because we will split ‘their’ vote and they have Brexit covered. But can they be relied upon? I fear that Boris’s plans will leave us aligned to the EU for a very long time, perhaps forever. Remember the majority of Tory MPs – now candidates again – were Remainers.

“Boris’s deal kicks the can down the road – leaving the tricky questions for the next stage of negotiations, with a strict framework laid down by the EU. For example, they insist on close alignment on fisheries, tax and defence. The only way out of this is a no-deal Brexit which Boris has said will be off the table.

“Brexit supporters on the Island should be able to vote for a proper ‘Leave’ candidate.  Many Tories have told me that they are unhappy that [Conservative parliamentary candidate Bob Seely] voted three times for May’s surrender treaty and seems more interested in climbing the greasy pole than working for the island.

“My pledge to Islanders is this: if elected, I will work constructively with whoever is in power but will do whatever is needed to deliver a proper Brexit. I want to make a real difference for the Isle of Wight.”

The Isle of Wight currently has five candidates hoping to become MP on 12 December. Find them at

Isle of Wight Radio will host a hustings alongside the Isle of Wight County Press at Cowes Enterprise College on 5 December.