West Wight Sports and Community Centre is launching its annual sponsored climb today (Saturday)- with the hope of reaching the height of Mount Everest in 10 hours.

The height of the mountain is 8,840m-  the equivalent of 1,264 individual climbs up the seven-metre indoor climbing wall at the West Wight Sports and Community Centre.

You can book a 30- minute slot between 9am–7pm in groups of three, organisers hope to encourage a bit of competition by introducing a leader board- with prizes up for grabs.

A minimum of £20 sponsorship is required for each session and all the cash will be split between Wight Climbing and Uzima in our Hands.

Clare Griffin, Manager of West Wight Sports and Community Centre, told Isle of Wight Radio,

“The wall is 7 metres high so each time someone gets to the top it’s another 7 metres towards the top of Mount Everest- which is 8,840 metres high so it’s a lot of climbs- 1,264 in 10 hours…wE WOULD LIKE TO SEE LOTS OF PEOPLE COME ALONG.”

Spectators are also welcome to come and watch the climbers.

To save your place call 01983 752168 or email [email protected]

More details can be found here.