Endurance athlete and adventurer Anna McNuff paid a visit to the Isle of Wight earlier this month, as she embarked on her ‘Barefoot Britain’ challenge.

Anna – who is also the IW Girlguiding ambassador – is running the distance of 100 Marathons (2,620 miles) barefoot through Britain.

It started in the Shetland Islands on 2 June and ends in London on 17 November.

A route including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands has been undertaken, before she visited to the Island on 3 November.

Anna was greeted in St. Thomas’ Square in Newport by Guide Section Commissioner Linda Stone, Brownie Katie Wells and a Guide Keira Wells who, along with other supporters ran with Anna at the start of her route to Ryde.

Some of the other runners ran with Anna to Shanklin and others joined in along the way.

Girlguiding IW members were also invited to join Anna as part of this adventure by attending a talk on Sunday evening at The Bay CE School, Sandown.

Anna’s main thrust of the talk was ‘Be Yourself’:

“Do not worry about starting things that you think you can’t finish. You usually do manage to finish them.”