An investigation is under way after a 15-year-old quadruple amputee was pinned down by a police officer in Arizona in the US.

Police were initially called to a disturbance in September after the 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, knocked a bin on the floor and began making verbal threats at a group home.

However, the eight-minute video shows a deputy fighting with the boy on a kitchen floor, and using his body to pin the teenager on his side.

After a couple of minutes, the police officer gets up and starts shouting at the boy filming the incident to shut the hell up, adding: Am I talking to you? Am I your b***h?

The officer then tells the boy he is also going to get arrested and, further on in the clip, two police officers are seen handcuffing him, and slamming his head into a wall after someone else began filming.

Initially, both the boys were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, but Pima County Attorney’s Office has now dropped all charges, in light of the footage.

A lawyer from Pima County said the footage was released in order to prompt changes in the police’s treatment of young people in group homes.

Mr Jurgena added: I think everyone feels in my office this cop should not be out here with a badge and a gun if this is how he’s treating kids in group homes.

He added that the 15-year-old amputee did not suffer any physical injuries, but his condition means he does not have the ability to fight back in a way like a normal person would.

The officer identified in the video has been placed on administrative leave, while the investigation continues.
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