Lucy the black cat. Thanks to Islander Zara Ellisreid.

A cat, that went missing from its Isle of Wight home more than a month ago, has been found – an impressive 550 miles away in Scotland.

Black feline Lucy, who currently lives in Ryde with her owner Zara Ellisreid, failed to return home after venturing out on Sunday 20 October.

In an attempt to find her, Zara scoured the area, printed posters and even appealed on the Lost Pets Isle of Wight Facebook page.

She told Isle of Wight Radio that she was just about ready to give up hope… but then the phone rang:

“I actually had a call from the neighbours who now live in Scotland… saying that an extremely friendly and vocal cat in their barn seemed to be familiar.

“They looked at the poster which I had given them with a picture of her [Lucy] on and they decided it was her. And after talking to them I realised it really was her because she’s really loud and has certain habits!”

Zara thinks Lucy had inadvertently hitched a ride after getting comfortable in the back of her neighbour’s horsebox.

Lucy the black cat. Thanks to Zara Ellisreid.

After making the journey, Lucy – ironically – ended up on another island: the Isle of Lismore.

Zara said:

“She made herself a nest in the back of their horsebox.

“They drove all the way to Scotland, they parked their van in the barn and left instantly to come back and get the rest of their belongings.

“And they didn’t realise until their trip back that they had acquired a cat!”

Zara says she is now faced with finding the purr-fect route home for Lucy.

She is hoping to have her back in time for Christmas.

“They [neighbours] are going to get her to Oban which is onto the mainland. There are a couple of options.

“I’m hoping to do a fundraising page to get a flight because I don’t really want her to travel in a car because she finds it distressing being in a vehicle. If we can get her on a plane that would be the ultimate option.

“Several people have offered to help if we can raise the funds… we’re just seeing which one will cause the least distress and get her home in time for Christmas essentially.”

Zara has set up a Facebook page where people can come up with suggestions to help get Lucy home.

A fundraising page has been created. That can be found here.