Totland Pier IWR

The man behind the project for the future of Totland Pier has been given the all-clear from the owners and told Isle of Wight Radio- it will return to its “former glory”- with a restaurant and re-vamp of the cafe.

Rumours of a house being built at the end of the pier have been quashed at a public meeting yesterday (Wednesday) by the man responsible for the piers future- Charlie Kearns.

It’s understood the 1880 site is expected to re-open to the public in 2021 -since its closure in 1980 after deemed “unsafe” for public use.

Scroll for designs of the proposed plans…

According to Charlie, the aim is to build an independent, stand-alone, rustic-style restaurant at the end of the pier, with 120 covers and open all year round.

He warned Isle of Wight Radio,

“when the weather is really bad it’ll close, however, there is also an outside seating area for when it is sunny.”

Depending on approval of the planning application- work will take place in two phases – firstly the cafe will be refurbished and is scheduled to be up and running by summer 2020- with the restaurant to follow and open in summer 2021.

Totland Pier Cafe, famous for its breakfast and run by Island couple Kath and Mike- who told Isle of Wight Radio they “love their locals”.


Totland Pier Cafe IWR

Developers say cranes will start work once the weather is better, with engineers building parts off-site and reportedly at a standard that is expected to add another 100 years of stability to the structure- which has survived 139 years thus far.

Meanwhile, parking will remain the same and in front of the cafe and you won’t have to pay to walk down the pier, which will be closed at night for security reasons and when the restaurant is shut.

Charlie Kearns, project manager, told Isle of Wight Radio,

“I realised I was never going to own my own [pier] – so why not build one that everyone can enjoy.

“It’s about making it like it was and the key is to get everyone involved, it’s going to be an Island lead business -supporting Island businesses across the board.”

Isle of Wight Radio will broadcast any future public meetings.

Scroll through the plans here: