The Labour Party on the Isle of Wight has accused Conservative parliamentary candidate Bob Seely MP of double standards in a row over a sign that was put up in support of his campaign. Mr Seely has dismissed the claims of a “cover-up”, saying the sign has been moved to a more suitable location.

Labour’s Richard Quigley said the location of the Conservative campaign sign, on a building site at Place Road in Cowes, had been at odds with Bob Seely’s opposition to the building of houses on greenfield sites.

The sign has since been removed, after what Labour claims was “pressure” to do so.

Before the election was called, Bob Seely had been fronting a series of meetings across the Isle of Wight, attended by Islanders concerned about extensive planning applications.

Mr Quigley said,

“This is a really bizarre series of events. It seems like an article from Private Eye…Can [Bob Seely] explain why the developer of a greenfield site…is so visibly backing him? …Why did the local Tory Party arrange for the sign to be removed?”

Mr Seely said,

“It was put in place by a supporter, with the best of intentions. It was in the wrong place. As soon as we were told of the location, we asked for it to be moved. It is now being used in more suitable location.”

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