Newport Fire Station Christmas Tree. From Wikimedia Commons.

It is ‘unlikely’ Newport Fire Station’s iconic Christmas tree will be on display this year, despite the Isle of Wight Council saying ‘communication issues’ – blamed for its no-show – have been ‘resolved’.

When asked why there would be no tree if any issues were ‘resolved’, a council spokesperson refused to comment.

Isle of Wight Radio has been told that Newport firefighters want to send a message to management about poor morale among staff.

The tree – a festive favourite among Islanders – usually sits on top of the station’s watch tower.

However, as it stands, that will not be the case this year.

A statement from the local authority said:

“It is unlikely the tree will be provided this year following some local communication issues which are now resolved.

“The organisation of the tree is undertaken on a voluntarily basis by the firefighters from one of the watches at the station and not under the direction of the council.

“Although the council shares the community’s view about the iconic nature of the tree, it respects the choices made by the firefighters about its provision this year.”