Smallbrook Stadium

A decision will soon be made on the proposed multi-sports centre and ice rink behind Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.

The Isle of Wight planning committee is meeting next week (17) to decide whether or not to give the project (known as SILC -Smallbrook Ice & Leisure Centre) the go-ahead.

A local resident and community group have chosen to pioneer a not-for-profit, affordable all year round indoor facility which aims to inspire activity among all age groups.

If you are in favour of the project – campaigners are urging you to write to your local councillor and let them know (before the planning meeting on Tuesday).

Scroll through photos of what’s planned.

The project aims:

  • For everyone to take part in sport or activity, regardless of age, background or ability.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing facilities available.
  • Improve our children’s health, tackle obesity and help prevent many different cancers, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and depression.
  • Inspire everyone to get ‘Active’.
  • Stop social isolation.
  • Allow our existing sports people the ability to train all year round on the island instead of going to the mainland.