Housing Survey

We are being urged to fill out the Housing Needs Survey 2020 – as part of a campaign to reduce the number of homes being built on the Island.

Over the next 14 years – a target of 10,000 houses needs to be built to keep up with Government demands.

Filling out the form will provide evidence to assist our local MP’s campaign to reduce the housing target on the Isle of Wight.

The survey – which is open until 16 February – asks residents about their current housing situation and their housing requirements for the next five years.

It will not only determine whether the existing housing available is suitable for resident’s changing needs but also what kind of housing people need and whether they can afford it.

Bob Seely MP said:

“There continues to be significant concern expressed by residents about the number, type and location of homes being planned for the Island.

“Its important Islanders complete the Housing Needs Survey because this will provide evidence to put in front of the Government to make our case for a lower, more realistic, housing target.

“The council can also use this information to influence the outcomes of any new proposed developments and ensure that future housing provision reflects what residents actually need, where they need it.”

The housing needs survey can be found here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IWHousingNeeds2020

Bob said he will be raising the issue of housing targets with the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

We’re also asked to sign his petition against the current Island Plan – which has received over 6,700 responses and can be found here: http://islandvision.uk/Islandplan/