Councillor Michael Lilley Image Isle of Wight Green Party

Ryde’s Mayor says “he has never felt so low” ahead of a meeting which could see him ousted.

As previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio, a motion of no confidence has been tabled against Councillor Michael Lilley – and five fellow town councillors.

It comes after two town clerks left their roles at Ryde Town Council.

In a statement released today (Thursday), Councillor Lilley says there has been “some difficult issues which for genuine confidential reasons we cannot disclose.”

An extraordinary meeting will be held tomorrow (Friday) to discuss the motion.

Ahead of it, Councillor Lilley says he has “acted totally ethically, with integrity and propriety”:

“I would welcome your support this Friday.

“It is hard when you know people are saying malicious things about you but you have to keep confidentiality as an honourable person when others simply do not and spread untruths.

“I have never felt so low for a long time.”

Among the seven signatories are councillors Julian Critchley, Jim Moody, Sue Lyons, Ian Stephens, Henry Adams and Karen Lucioni.

Earlier this week, Councillor Tim Wakeley, raised concerns that the council may lack the ‘power of competence’ due to a shortage of qualified clerks.

Ryde Mayor Councillor Michael Lilley takes to Facebook.

Tomorrow’s extraordinary meeting will take at the George Street Centre from 7pm.